Cornesy Names Four Footballers Who MUST Be Added To The SA Sport Hall Of Fame

Nov 20, 2018


Graham Cornes says John Cahill’s recent entry into the SA Sport Hall of Fame was “absolutely fantastic, but overdue” and has revealed the other local footballers he believes should be admitted.

“I’m not saying anyone who’s in the SA Sport Hall of Fame is not worthy,” Cornesy told the FIVEaa sports show. “They are all worthy, but who is more worthy and why isn’t there footballers in there?”

“There’s four that stand out. Neil Kerley obviously stands out. Lindsay Head with three Magarey Medals, he stands out. Mark Ricciuto, how many All Australians? Eight All Australians, Brownlow medallist -- he has to be in there. Andrew McLeod, two Norm Smith medals… how can they not possible be in?”

And Mark Bickley added a couple more names to the list.

“You’ve left two off. I reckon Gavin Adrian Wanganeen -- 300 games, first indigenous player to do that, and a Brownlow Medal. And John Platten, a Magarey and a Brownlow.”