Cornesy Gives Port Fans A Dressing Down Over The Club’s Captaincy Dilemma

Feb 12, 2019


Graham Cornes is calling on Port Adelaide fans to show “loyalty” in the face of a membership push to stick with the club’s tradition of having only one captain.

“You can listen to the members, but you can’t let them make the decision,” Cornesy told the FIVEaa sports show.

“You only need three or four people to be vocal and make it negative and a few people on social media…

“If the board and the match committee feel they need two captains the supporters just have to get behind it. Why would you bring the club down? Why would you create division just because you think we should only have one captain?

“They’ve got to do what they think is best and the members have to have the loyalty to say, ok, I don’t agree with it, but I’m going to go along with it and let’s hope it works.

“They may succumb to the pressure of their membership voice and just go with the one [captain], but I’m just not sure it’s too big a job for one captain.”