Cornesy Drops A Fairly Outrageous Halftime Show Comment On The FIVEaa Sports Show

Feb 4, 2020


Graham Cornes has floored his FIVEaa colleagues during a discussion about halftime entertainment when he shared his take on one of the most infamous performances in AFL Grand Final history…

Conversation came to a standstill on the FIVEaa sports show during a chat about Monday’s “amazing” Superbowl halftime show when Graham suddenly offered this opinion of Meatloaf’s notorious 2011 performance at the AFL GF:

“Meatloaf wasn’t that bad. I’ve been back and watched it. I went back and watched it and there were a couple of moments, yes, where he was off but the band was fantastic and he wasn’t that bad.

“His music is infectious anyway. We all loved that album. I forgave him a little bit.”




And remember this? (Who could forget...)

Cornesy also thought JLo and Shakira were pretty good...