Cornesy And Bicks Butt Heads Over The Future Of Josh Jenkins

Apr 30, 2019


Graham Cornes and Mark Bickley have gone head-to-head over the future of out-of-favour Adelaide Crows forward Josh Jenkins.

“We’ve got to ask the question -- and it’s being asked already -- what’s the future of Josh Jenkins?” Cornesy asked on the FIVEaa sports show.

“You say that like once a player gets dropped he’s never going to come back again,” Bicks replied.

“No… I’m just saying what’s the future. I’m not saying that,” Cornesy countered.

This was Bicks’ take:

“I would think in a couple of weeks he probably comes back into the side if Elliott Himmelberg -- young player… there’ll be a moment where he’ll be down -- Jenkins comes back into the side and plays. Then it’s up to him how it looks like after that.

“When Josh Jenkins is in form he’s in the best 22. He’s kicked I think 50 goals for the last five years. That’s a pretty good effort.”

Meanwhile, Cornesy’s thoughts:

“He’s definitely in the best 22 for mine, but the structure didn’t look correct, the delivery to the forward line -- I don’t know if that was his fault or just the delivery they were getting.

“Would it have been any different if Josh had played instead of Elliott Himmelberg?”