Coach Cornesy Has Given The Adelaide Crows A Good Old Fashioned Bake

Apr 16, 2019


Inaugural Adelaide Crows coach Graham Cornes has wound back the clock and fired a rocket at lacklustre Adelaide Crows players, telling them “the state is watching”.

Cornesy told the FIVEaa sports show following the club’s latest loss to North Melbourne:

“There’s got to be a massive shake up and the guys have got to be on notice. I know you want players playing confident, you don’t want them looking over their shoulder, but they’ve got to understand that they are accountable.

“The state is looking at them and watching. If you’re trying to play safe football with no confidence, you’re not doing yourself or the state any favour, you blokes, so c’mon -- get in and have a crack.

“I’m talking to those people in the state who follow the Crows. The state is watching.

“They look slow. There was no urgency… they’ve totally lost all their confidence to take the game on.

“There’s no quick legs around the place. You can compensate for lack of quick legs with a quick brain and quick movement of the ball… but we’re not even compensating with quick ball movement these days.”