Caroline Wilson Tips The Captain At Port Adelaide Next Year

Nov 15, 2019


Caroline Wilson is tipping a backflip at Port Adelaide where she believes a solo captain will be named for the 2020 AFL season.

Caro has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I think the process will start next week -- when players come back and the coaches come back -- to appoint Tom Jonas as the captain of the Port Adelaide football club for 2020.

“That would be my absolute tip.

“I have mixed feelings about the reasoning behind it. You have to say this is largely supporter driven in the 150th year...

“I’m not sure how Ken Hinkley feels about this… but I do know he and Chris Davies and Keith Thomas were all very gung-ho about a duel captaincy this time last year…

“I think clearly if you were going to choose one at Port it would be Jonas. I hope for everyone’s sake that both he and Ollie Wines can play a lot more next year, but that’s where I think it’s going to go.

“I just wonder what that is going to do for the feeling among the coaching panel and the club if they are basically succumbing to the will of the supporters.”