Caroline Wilson Tips A MASSIVE Departure From The AFL Footy Show

Sep 7, 2018


A new-look AFL Footy Show will go to air next year without its iconic star Sam Newman, says Caroline Wilson.

“I don’t reckon Sam Newman will be on the show,” Caro told FIVEaa. “We know Rebecca Maddern won’t be on the show. And we know it’s going to be a completely new show but we believe Eddie McGuire will be the host.”

“I would imagine though that Damian Barrett will probably not be on the Footy Show next year. I think he’s looking to do some other stuff with his journalistic career. That would be my prediction.”

Caro said reports of a blow up between Barrett and McGuire over a Collingwood story before last week’s show were more than just theatre.

“Neither man backed down. Damian ended up not going on the show, he stood his ground over the story but never ended up going on air and doing it. Things got incredibly heated.

“I think it’s an interesting indication of where things are at the moment.”