Caroline Wilson BACKFLIPS On Rory Sloane

Jul 6, 2018


Caroline Wilson

Having maintained all year that Rory Sloane would stay put at the Adelaide Crows, Caroline Wilson now admits she’s had a change of heart.

“I’ve done a complete backflip,” Caro told FIVEaa on Thursday. “I think he’s going.”

“It’s what you hear from other clubs and they believe now he is probably leaving the Crows.

“I think the bigger worry for the crows is McGovern to be honest. There’s a lot of talk... I have absolutely no idea where that one’s going.

“But I get the feeling Rory Sloane is coming back to Melbourne”...

Possibly Hawthorn

“Looking at the way they played last weekend against the Giants, he’s exactly the sort of player they could’ve done with -- an experienced midfielder."