Brad Crouch OUTS The Teammate Behind Tom Lynch’s Warm Up Injury

Jun 12, 2019


Adelaide Crow Brad Crouch has revealed the truth about teammate Tom Lynch’s late scratching before the club’s clash with GWS on Saturday.

Crouch has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I was next to him. When we’re doing the on ground warm up we normally go out and jog around for three minutes and then you do some agility stuff. You’re virtually only just starting to get going there’s not a lot happening.

“I’d just done the agility bit where Tom was about to do it. Paul Seedsman was wandering across not knowing where he was, virtually in another world.

“Lynchy’s bounced up and gone to take off and then looked and seen Paul’s there so he cut back the other way and did his calf. He’s blamed Seedo!”