Brad Crouch Has Responded To Reports Linking Him And His Brother To A Mega Trade

Oct 1, 2019


Adelaide Crow Brad Crouch has labelled a report he may look to include brother Matt in any potential trade negotiations as “an absolute load of crap”.’s Damian Barrett said on Monday:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Matt gets thrown into conversations around Brad as well. It’s not something I’m hearing strongly but I have heard it, that if it was the Suns they might, and it might even be Brad who suggests it.

“I wouldn’t be at all surprised if his name was also to become part of whatever’s being discussed around Brad.”

FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe said he contacted Brad about the report.

“I texted Brad, friend of the show,” Rowey said… “His text back: ‘That is an absolute load of crap.’

“We know they’re settled and happy at the Crows and I know they’re excited about the prospect of a new coach, so where these things start and finish -- fair dinkum.”