Brad Crouch HITS BACK At Adelaide Crows Allegations

Apr 18, 2019


Adelaide Crows midfielder Brad Crouch has fended off the barrage of claims made about the club after a disappointing start to the season.

Crouch was asked on the FIVEaa sports show about accusations flying thick and fast this week that the players are not happy with the coach, have no belief in their game plan and are not playing for each other.

“To be honest from what I’ve seen from what I’ve been around that’s not the case,” Crouch said.

“I think that people saying that we’re not playing for each other and stuff like that, and stuff like getting ahead of ourselves... I think that’s a bit of trash to be honest.

“We’re just not playing the way we should and we’re not playing to our game plan as good as we should at the moment. We know that our best footy stands up in close games. We just need to get back to playing that.”