Boaky Talks About Who Could Be Port Adelaide’s Next Captain

Dec 5, 2018


Port Adelaide’s Travis Boak has run through the list of candidates who could captain the club after he made the decision to hand over the reins.

“There could be four or five guys that could take the job,” Boaky told the FIVEaa sports show. “That’s how good a leaders we have around the club.”

“There’s obviously the couple that have been spoken about a lot and they’re certainly a part of that five.

“Ollie [Wines] was ready made when he came into the club and showed leadership qualities beyond his years from when he first came in. The way he lead by example since day one has been huge and what he’s been able to learn over the last four or five years is about demanding, about bringing along others with him.

“And Tommy [Jonas] -- exactly the same, he’s an outstanding leader. He does stand up and is very demanding on field and off field as well. They’re two great candidates.

“Hamish [Hartlett] missed a lot of last year but he’s a superb leader. Brad [Ebert]’s been a great help to me over the last six years. There’s definitely guys that are putting up their hands.

“It’s going to be in good hands I know that.”

But Boak confirmed the club “wouldn’t make that decision until JLT”.