“Big Changes” Tipped At AFL Headquarters

Nov 8, 2019


Three new “important” roles will be created at AFL House to oversee the operation of both AFL and AFLW games, reports Caroline Wilson.

Caro told the FIVEaa sports show on Thursday night:

“I think it’s going to be announced, if not tomorrow, early next week…

“There is a recognition that they’ve been running on the smell of an oily rag and lot more heavy lifting needs to go into AFLW. So Nicole Livingstone will move out of the marketing area and she will report directly to Steve Hocking.

“The AFL are on the verge of announcing a new role, a football operations role again working directly under Steve Hocking. This operations person will be in charge of AFL operations and AFLW operations… all the operational issues that go to putting on the games of both men’s and women’s AFL football. Underneath this operational role will be an official who will run the AFL competition and there will be an operations manager in charge of AFLW and VFLW…

“Three new pretty important positions that will be created. My understanding is there will be advertising for these roles. They might be filled internally but they will be promotions if they happen.

“So more staff are coming in basically to put on the games of AFL and AFLW. It’s going to be quite a big change.”