Big Change Tipped At The Adelaide Crows Within Weeks

Aug 23, 2019


“A massive amount of changes” will unfold at the Adelaide Crows over the next few weeks, including a “player exodus”, pressure on several key leaders and even the possibility of “a move on Don Pyke”, reports Caroline Wilson.

Caro has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I still think that there are going to be a massive amount of changes at Adelaide over the next few weeks.

“There will be a player exodus. We’ve seen Richard Douglas… After what we saw at Fremantle this week nothing would surprise me, and it wouldn’t surprise me still if there was going to be a move on Don Pyke, but more likely I guess others will be in the gun.

“I think high performance is one area and I still think despite the strong support of Mark Ricciuto that Brett Burton is not entirely safe as well…

“It is not a happy club and players are not happy. There are problems there.”