Bicks Is Pretty Confident There’s Some Good News On The Way For Crows Fans

Feb 14, 2018


Saying he had been “alluding to this for about a good fortnight”, FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe read out a listener email suggesting Rory Laird is about to re-sign with the Adelaide Crows.

“Rory Laird’s contract is a tick,” Rowey read out. “Hearing a four-year deal to be announced before the end of the week.”

Co-host Mark Bickley was upbeat about the likelihood of keeping Laird in Adelaide.

“Good news if you’re a Crows fan,” Bicks said. “It seems to be all the stuff we’re hearing is that’s where it’s headed. Generally we expect that. Not too many local blokes pack up their bags and head to Melbourne as a rule.”