Axed Adelaide Crow Could Have a Case For Unfair Dismissal

Dec 10, 2019


Graham Cornes has hinted Brett Burton could have a case for unfair dismissal after the former football boss was let go by the Adelaide Crows.

Cornesy has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“Do you think he’s got a case for unfair dismissal? This is what I’m understanding and I’m not sure whether anybody wants it out there yet…

“But most of his reviews if not all of his reviews were positive. He didn’t have any warnings. He didn’t get a letter: ‘Lift your game or you’ll be out.’ On the basis of a survey -- bang -- these decisions are summarily made and he’s out. I know there was a settlement. If the settlement wasn’t adequate does he have a case for unfair dismissal?

“Has he agreed to it? Maybe he’s had a look at his options first… stay tuned for more.”

BICKS: “It’s the line of work you’re in… I would think when you agree to a settlement and you get a settlement that’s why it’s called a settlement -- because you’ve settled. That’s where I stand.”

ROWEY: “I think it may very well be this. He ran the football program with two other people. One of the others is gone -- that’s Don Pyke on his own volition -- and the other one’s still sitting there. He’s probably saying, well hang on a sec, I’m gone but you’re there.”