Adelaide FC’s Push Into The City Is Going to “End In Tears”

Nov 21, 2019


An Adelaide Crows plan to move its base to the Adelaide Aquatic Centre will be “too hard” to pull off after the club was given a deadline by the city council, says FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe.

Rowey has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“Crows have been given 20 days to submit plans for their proposed move to the North Adelaide Aquatic Centre. It’s going to be around a $60-60 million plan that the council will hopefully sign off.

“I said this from day one: dealing with the Adelaide City Council can only end in tears I think. [They’ll need] they’re best negotiation skills to get this over the line. If they get this up I’ll walk to China backwards.

“Think about it. They’ve got to deal with the council -- the council want the same footprint, the community dividend’s going to need to be attached to it, the council are asking for that… they’ve got the public debate, there’s the residents -- I call them the tree huggers -- the parklands preservation -- it’s just going to be too hard for them.

“I would say to the council: get stuffed. Have you got a better plan? Get them wanting them. It’s a win-win and they should see that. Fair dinkum I think this is going to end in tears.

“I don’t think the Adelaide City Council is in a position of strength. They’ve got somebody saying here’s a solution. Be patient and wait for them… it costs a lot to do a lot of planning… if you’ve got a better option tell us. Do you think the Adelaide City Council have a better option? I don’t think they have.”