Adelaide FC’s Next Football Manager Could Come From The SANFL

Nov 1, 2019


The Adelaide Football Club’s next footy boss could come from one of the country’s state leagues -- and “one person stands out”, says FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe.

Rowey told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I’ve got concerns that they’re not going to be able to crowbar or entice a ‘Craig Vozzo’ type from club land. They were late to proceedings and they’re going to have to pay overs… they’ll have to make a Hail Mary offer to get somebody of Vozzo’s cred from another club…

“So they’re going to have to go external of an AFL club…

“A very learned football person spoke to me today… he suggests you may have to look at the WAFL, the SANFL, the NTFL, the QFL, the Tassie league for talented people who just need an opportunity…

“One person for me stands out: SANFL football manager Adam Kelly. I’ve worked with him for five years in the state program… he’s currently the SANFL GM of football, he is a Harvard business school graduate, he was the CEO at East Fremantle for 4-5 years. He is turn key go. Very thorough, AFL rate him enormously and he’s sitting there.”