Adelaide Crows Leader Could Be In The Firing Line Of Club Review

Sep 6, 2019


Andrew Fagan’s position as Adelaide Crows CEO will now be examined as part of a comprehensive review of the club, despite his efforts to steer the process, reports Caroline Wilson.

Caro has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“I am concerned for Andrew Fagan. I just don’t think Andrew Fagan intended the review to be carried out with him more as the assistant or PA to Jason Dunstall and Matthew Pavlich, Jonah Oliver, etc.

“I think that he put it to the board that he was going to run the review. I think he did some research among other CEOs, he spoke to other clubs who have conducted widespread reviews. I think those clubs he spoke to, they were people from within the clubs who actually ran the reviews, and I don’t think the plan was -- from Andrew Fagan’s side of things -- that he was going to be the secretary to the review.

“You would have to say now that Andrew Fagan’s being reviewed as well.”