Adelaide Crows Contact Former Coach About A Possible Return

Oct 29, 2019


The Adelaide Football Club has reportedly “put the feeler out” to Neil Craig regarding a possible return to his old club.

Craig is a potential candidate for the role of football boss following the departure of Brett Burton, says FIVEaa’s Stephen Rowe.

He has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“They’re late to the market, the Crows, is my concern. If they miss out on a Vozzo, a Balme and a Geoff Walsh type, that experience, Matthew Nicks needs that senior experienced person and the two of them will drive that football program and they need to be strong.

“If they can’t get the quality of that I would consider it. [Craig] is a football man with football cred. He knows the environment. He’s a high performance wizard apparently, he’s got a doctorate in it -- he’s as good as any with it.

“He’s got a rare set of skills. It would be a shame to be wasted at the Gold Coast if you could’ve got him. I would make the phone call and I’m led to believe the club has, they’ve put the feeler out, which would suggest to me they’re not going to land that big fish they need to so why wouldn’t you consider it.”

Craig coached Adelaide from 2004 to 2011 and then spent time at Melbourne and Essendon before joining the England rugby union team in 2017.

But Mark Bickley wasn’t so sure Craig is the right fit for Adelaide:

“For me: no. Simply because he’s been at Adelaide, he’s been their longest serving coach, and when you do that you come back and whether it’s a shadow or a spot light you’ve got a new coach who falls underneath that.

“When you bring those figures back I think it has to be with close consultation with a new coach like that and I just wonder whether Matthew Nicks should find his own person as opposed to the club to bringing back someone who’s had a fair tenure there before.”