Adelaide Assistant Makes A Big Call On Young Crows Star

Feb 8, 2019


Adelaide Crows forward coach Ben Hart says Darcy Fogarty could be the next Tom Lynch.

“He’s training well,” Hart has told the FIVEaa sports show. “He had a great period pre-Christmas and now he’s got to find that balance now to go again since Christmas, but he’s in that mix.”

“He’s the type of guy who’s got a lot of power, he’s a power forward who can stand there and mark it, but he actually also moves pretty well.

“Maybe through this preseason and maybe next preseason as well he could end up turning into a Lynch-type for us, that connector through half-forward.

“He’s got a bit of work to do on his running ability but he’s certainly getting there and gives a good dimension. We love the way he crashes into the footy.”