AFL Bosses Meet To Discuss “Big Concerns” With TV

Feb 21, 2020


The AFL this week established a “working party” to address issues with TV game broadcasts, including the number of viewers switching off at halftime, reports Caroline Wilson.

Caro has told the FIVEaa sports show:

“[AFL CEO] Gillon McLachlan is very worried about where the media is going, where broadcast is going. What they did in the last few days is they setup a bit of a working party. I think they’ll meet again, there might be other people on that working party made up of clubs, CEOs, and media bosses to come to HQ in Melbourne and talk about how they can better improve the TV product.

“One big concern is that people are turning off at halftime, particularly on Channel 7.

“The CEOs, according to some of the media bosses who were at that meeting, were the ones who are not prepared to stand up to coaches who won’t allow their captains or their other stars or the coaches themselves to be interviewed before the game.

“Ian Shuttleworth from the Adelaide Crows was there and I’m told he spoke with some great hope about Matthew Nicks. He feels a new coach might see the Crows open themselves up a bit more to the broadcasters. Not so the boss of the Hawthorn Football Club Justin Reeves who said that Alastair Clarkson will not deviate. If he doesn’t want to be interviewed before a game he just won’t do it.”