A Victorian AFL Club Is Under The Pump Big Time

Mar 9, 2018


Gillon McLachlan’s comments about St Kilda’s financial situation have put the club on notice, reports Caroline Wilson.

“The AFL CEO yesterday put St Kilda under the pump,” Caro has told FIVEaa. “That’s the first time I’ve heard him do that.”

“Gillon basically said there are no more excuses for the St Kilda football club. We know now their debt is as bad as Brisbane and more than Port Adelaide’s. There’s just a view that Port seem to be doing a bit more regarding their financial problems and some of their debt is what the AFL calls good debt -- debt because you’re trying to do different things and make money in other areas.

“St Kilda haven’t been imaginative enough.

“Gillon McLachlan basically put St Kilda on notice in my view. He’s actually said they need to lift their game, they need to improve their profit and loss, they need to improve their business. It’s the first time I reckon he’s said that…

“I think the AFL are pretty worried about St Kilda. They need to perform on the field too in my view.”