A Couple Of Big Port Adelaide Names Could Be Gone Next Year, Says Tredders

Aug 7, 2019


Port Adelaide premiership captain Warren Tredrea believes there is a chance both Sam Powell-Pepper and Paddy Ryder might not be at the club next year.

Tredders told the FIVEaa sports show on Tuesday:

“It wouldn’t surprise me in this silly world if Powell-Pepper -- who you hear he was annoyed when he was dropped, that’s natural -- whether there’s other clubs bashing on the door to go, hey, we might want to come and take him.

“I’m just speaking off the top of my head because you want to be playing every week. I know his form wasn’t top of the world but he’s a young player and I think certainly when he comes from Western Australian -- I know he’s entrenched in South Australian culture -- but he probably looks at a couple of his mates who’ve left Port Adelaide and he’s maybe one that could [go].

“The thing is you want to be playing every week. So if someone’s going to offer you more game time then I think it could happen.”

Tredders also said the emergence of Peter Ladhams could see Paddy Ryder exit the club.

“I think the one who could be at risk is Ryder and I don’t think Ryder will be around next year. I don’t think so. If GWS are offering two years, look at Paddy Ryder… the first year didn’t really work with Lobbe. The next year he was suspended for a year. The following year was All Australian, was unbelievable. Last year was injury interrupted and this year’s been form and injury interrupted.

“They’ve paid him big money. Has it been an overall success? He’s been solid, he hasn’t been amazingly great. He’s had one year that was just phenomenal but his body has let him down. I think if a team at 30 years of age is going to offer two years -- who is GWS -- I reckon he might be a chance to leave. And I think Port’s got to look to the future.”

On Wednesday morning PAFC announced Ladhams and Todd Marshall had both re-signed with the club until the end of 2022.