A Controversial Grand Final Clause Has Been Written Into The MCG Deal

Nov 9, 2018


A long-term contract to continue playing the AFL Grand Final at the MCG takes into account the possibility of a ‘best of three’ format, reports Caroline Wilson.

The deal was only signed last week,” Caro has told FIVEaa. “The reason it was only signed last week is because it was noticed the MCG and the AFL had to do something in case the best of three Grand Final ever came into the equation.”

“There’s something which says the AFL decider has to be played at the MCG. If we ever have best of three Grand Finals the first Grand Final is not the decider, it might be the second Grand Final or if it’s one all it’s a third Grand Final.

“No one is completely discounting the idea.

“The Sydney Swans are determined to push this. Andrew Ireland -- the outgoing Sydney chief -- is determined that the AFL give this idea a run.

“I’m not sure where its going to go but I thought it was really interesting that the Grand Final venue as it stands is very nervous about losing the right to one of the Grand Finals and that could happen.”