Magical Morocco

Aug 7, 2018


Thanks to Phil Hoffmann Travel.

An exotic blend of influences, Morocco combines traditional Berber culture with a healthy dose of eastern Arabic influence, representations of former French and Spanish ruling mixed in with the gentle introduction of the modern west.

The result is intoxicating and beguiling. A destination that offers something for everyone with beautifully ornate palaces and mosques, mystical desert landscapes, majestic snow-covered mountains and medieval cities with their manic souqs and medinas. Casablanca is the European-style economic heart of the country with white-washed art deco buildings and spectacular mosque.

The pulsating heart of Morocco is undoubtedly Marrakech with its always rambunctious Djemaa el-Fna, buzzing with snake charmers, music, performers and smoke-billowing food stalls. Explore the arty seaside town of Essaouira and soak up its laidback vibe, sleep under a million twinkling stars in the Sahara Desert and discover the enchanting Old Town of Fes with its maze of winding alleyways, hidden souqs and iconic yet pungent tanneries. 

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