Colourful Cuba

Aug 7, 2018


Thanks to Phil Hoffmann Travel.

Cuba is one of the hottest destinations in the world right now, and for good reason...

One of the last bastions of communism, fascinating Cuba has an antiquated charm thanks to its relative isolation from the modern world. A charismatic blend of Spanish, Caribbean, African and native Indian cultures combine to create a way of life that is exciting, passionate, colourful and lively.

Cuba is bursting at the seams with astonishing sights. Beyond cigars and cars, mojitos and murals, revolutionaries and notoriety – you’ll discover a photographer’s delight, a population of outgoing, passionate and hospitable locals and an intriguing country on the cusp of something huge.

You’ll be enchanted by the colourful city of Havana, enthralled with the magical atmosphere of Trinidad where bicycles and horse-drawn carriages travel down cobblestone streets, charmed by the colourful vintage American cars trawling the streets and seduced by the rhythmic beat of music that fills the air. 

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