10 tiny changes that will help you feel better this year

Feb 6, 2017


Tracy Yeend from The Green Dispensary Blackwood shares her 10 achievable health changes you can do to kickstart your New Year and feel better!​

1) Drink Water. Hydration is one of the simplest ways to improve your health.  No excuses.  Prevent headaches, high blood pressure, heat stroke, wrinkles etc

2) Get out in the Sunshine!  Get your Vitamin D.  Never sunbake but 20 mins of morning or late afternoon sun is needed daily to get enough Vitamin D. Being deficient in Vitamin D can lead to many health conditions – especially, bone pain and arthritis, immune system problems and mood issues. As we get older, we are not able to efficiently convert the pro hormone – so supplementation is encouraged. Also – people with darker skin have more trouble absorbing the vitamin from the sun.

3) BUT!  You must protect your skin from the harsh UV rays to prevent Melanoma.  (UV rating of 3 and over) Pick the sunscreen with the best protection, the least harmful chemicals and one that is a physical blocker like zinc oxide NOT a chemical absorber.  SunSense Sensitive Invisible is my pick.

4) Make some simple changes to your diet – avoid the NASTY WHITE and processed food.  Ie white sugar, white flour and all packaged foods.  Go back to basics – get your fruit and veg from a green grocer, your meat from a butcher and so on… That way you ensure the freshest and best quality foods and avoid prepackaged alternatives.  Diet needs to be varied, fresh and constantly replenished to provide adequate nutrients. Talk to someone about your diet.  Many think they eat well, but still may have huge deficits in their nutrient pool.  But also live your life – adopt the 80/20% rule.  80% of the time do the RIGHT thing by your body.  Then your body can cope with the 20% of the time for you to enjoy this life – eat the cheese, have a glass of wine – none of us are getting out of this equation, no matter how many vitamins you take.  Adopt the 2 glass rule – stop at 2 glasses of wine, 2 cups of coffee, 2 cups of tea etc.  Learn to drink MORE WATER.

5) Exercise – you’ve been told before but you need to keep moving.  Even your lymphatic system – which plays an important part of your immune system, relies on muscle movement for it to work.  You WILL feel fitter, more energetic, improve circulation and keep excess weight off.  Yoga is an excellent choice for all ages – also helps with muscular strength and flexibility, breathing better for healthier heart and lung health and stress management.

6) Learn to STRESS LESS.  Easier said than done. But stress can make us sick if we don’t learn to manage it.  When our body goes into a Stress response (fight or flight), our body changes the way it functions.  It performs a set of highly specialized functions to support the physical escape away from a stressful scenario.  The body burns through nutrients during this response.  It is not sustainable to stay in this mode.  I know you have heard it all before… BUT… don’t sweat the small stuff! Take an adaptogen such as Withania to help your body cope and resist stress.

7) Get an up to date health check!  Get some routine bloods, your blood pressure checked, skin spots check, breast examination, bowel screen etc etc  or whatever test you are overdue for!  Information is power and any health condition is easier to treat when it is just a symptom and not a disease.  Remember – your body gives you signs and symptoms when things are not right. Never ignore them. Start the year with a clean bill of health. Catch the issue in time “so you just have to top up the oil and not change the engine”

8) Take your vitamins!  Rarely do people get all of the nutrients the body needs from their diet.  Every cell in the human body needs a substantial amount of nutrients to function normally.  Food seems to have less nutrient content than in the days when soil was composted etc.  And as we get older, our diet seems to get less. Processed foods have very little nutrient content.  We also lose nutrients fast through stress, medications, alcohol, pregnancy, breastfeeding, sweating / exercise, digestive problems etc.  B vitamins – responsible for your brain chemicals etc are water soluble – so need to be constantly replenished. Get some good advice to take nutrients specific to your needs. And not all vitamins are created equally – the cheaper ones you buy or your ‘half price’ bargains are usually very average quality – you get what you pay for.  And you will probably get very little result as well. Get the right advice 

9) Enjoy this life!  You must develop a balance of work / life.  You must knock off at some point.  Our bodies are not machines, they are designed to stop, rest, heal and replenish. Make a list of 10 things that you enjoy doing, things that make you feel happy.  Take 30 mins each day of you time.  You cannot make everyone else happy if you are not happy yourself.  You need to GIVE TO YOURSELF too.  Laughter is great medicine.  Don’t take everything so seriously.  

10) Sleep – you are NOT a robot.  Your body is designed to function and then rest and rejuvenate.  You are not designed to be a powerhouse 24/7.  Sleep is one of the most important factors pertaining to your health.  Get off screens, wind down, read a book, calm the mind, take magnesium.  B vitamins in the morning help you make your brain chemicals including melatonin.  The world is always HARDER when you are tired.  Get your sleep right!

Just those simple achievable changes can make you so much healthier and happier in 2017 – ready to conquer in the new year.  Always get the advice of a qualified health professional. You can contact Tracy Yeend at the The Green Dispensary Blackwood on 8278 2388.