Nigella Lawson Gives FIVEaa Her Verdict On Some SA Local Delicacies

Dec 3, 2018


Food icon Nigella Lawson had never heard of FruChocs -- but she’s keen to try them when she arrives in Adelaide next year.

Leith Forrest quizzed Nigella about her knowledge of some SA specialities when he and Michael Keelan spoke with her on FIVEaa weekends.

LEITH: “We’ve got everything from Orana -- the best restaurant in the country -- but then we have local delicacies like the Balfours frog cake or Farmers Union Iced Coffee or a FruChoc. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had a FruChoc, Nigella?”

NIGELLA: “I haven’t. What is it?”

LEITH: “It is peach and apricot covered in chocolate. It is the greatest South Australian invention ever.”

NIGELLA: “Well I’m going to have to have that. I will come in elasticated clothing.”



Nigella Lawson will be in Adelaide in January.