Yatala Prison Could Go Into Lockdown After An Officer Was Taken To Hospital

Nov 15, 2019


Adelaide’s Yatala Prison could be looking at a “lock down” after a fourth officer reportedly received an electric shock and was taken to hospital.

Channel 7’s Mike Smithson tells Leon Byner the shocks are resulting from prisoner attempts to light “fake cigarettes”.

Smitho said on Friday morning:

“The prisoners -- since the smoking bans -- have started making fake cigarettes out of the contents of tea bags and quit smoking patches.

“To light them they’ve collected the alfoil that is used to keep their meals warm, they fashion them into prongs, and then jam them into power point and use them to ignite toilet paper, which then in turn they can light their cigarettes.

“Either this morning or last night a fourth officer has received an electric shock, which has required that person to be taken to hospital.

“The PSA [union] is making sounds that may well result in a lock down of part of the prison until they can get this issue resolved… if the situation isn’t resolved immediately I can see a shut down at this prison.”