What To Do If Your Dog Has Eaten Any Of The Recalled Pet Food

Feb 4, 2019


Dog owners are being advised to contact their vet immediately if their pet has eaten one of the 13 canned products recalled by Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

The brand pulled the products in a worldwide recall over potentially elevated levels of vitamin D.

“Speak to your vet straight away,” Choice’s Jonathan Brown told FIVEaa’s Leon Byner on Monday. “Wherever you bought the product from make sure you contact them directly and take the food to them straight away.”

“If your pet is showing any symptoms or any issues from this recall speak to your vet absolutely straight away.

Hill’s have set up on their website a contact form. You can call them up and speak to them as soon as possible.

“It is quite serious. This is a worldwide recall so obviously something has gone very wrong here for this product to get so far out across the world and into communities…

“That is unfortunately what happens. We don’t pick up on these problems until well after someone’s pet has been hurt. That’s the problem with the entire system.

“Unfortunately it’s only when something goes wrong that we find out that a product has major problems. When it comes to human food we take a lot more precautions before stuff gets to market.”