Trams Will Be Running Up Popular Eating Strip Pretty Soon, Says Leon Byner

Feb 7, 2019


A plan to extend the tram network into North Adelaide is close to finalised, reports FIVEaa’s Leon Byner.

“It is my understanding that we are well on the way for trams going up O’Connell,” Leon said on Thursday. “That’s what I’ve been told today.”

“The businesses in O’Connell St have been doing it tough. We’ve had a hotel that’s shut… we’ve had a number of cafes and restaurants -- which were at one stage busy as -- shutting.

“That area of town needs a real shot in the arm. We’ll keep you posted.”

The extension will also include a “park and ride” zone in North Adelaide, said Leon.

Asked whether the extension would happen “fairly soon”, Transport Minister Stephan Knoll said:

“That is something that we said we’d look at and it’s something that Infrastructure South Australia, which is rapidly getting up and going at the moment, will be looking at.

“We’ve now got the board in place. I understand the staff have now been seconded and also we’ve actually got tenders going out for some of the work that ISA needs to do.

“They’ll look at that idea and where it’s ranked against other priorities.”