This Local Cabbie Had His Taxi Trashed In The Worst Way

Dec 11, 2017


A local cabbie has told FIVEaa about the “disgusting” moment his taxi was trashed by passengers, but police refused his call for assistance.

“When I got to their destination one of the lads had soiled my vehicle,” the cabbie reported over the weekend. “So I was outside the vehicle seeking damages. One of the other lads has gone around to my driver’s seat… opened my driver’s side door and urinated all throughout my driver’s seat and all over my carpet etc. A most disgusting act.

“Police refused to attend to me. Trying to do the service to the public, at 2.30am in the morning I think if a driver seeks police assistance, wouldn’t you think that they would give it to us? Come out to assist you?”

On Monday, SAPOL’s Chief Inspector Keryl Howie told Leon Byner police could have handled things better.

“Having looked at the circumstance of this incident over the weekend we certainly say SAPOL could have done better in relation to this matter,” she said.

“There are some offences here that need to be dealt with. A youth has been reported… the matter is subject to adjudication.”