There Is A Shortage Of The Measles Vaccine In SA Right Now

May 7, 2019


South Australia is currently experiencing a shortage of the measles vaccine for adults, reports FIVEaa’s Leon Byner, and anyone needing a shot has no option but to try and “hit the phones”, says a local pharmacist.

According to Leon, SA Health has confirmed it has stock of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccination for young children under the national immunisation scheme, but has acknowledged that at least one private provider is out of stock.

“You can’t get the vaccination you would require as an adult,” Leon said. “All this business about we’ve got ours for children, that’s a separate problem, don’t look at us -- for God’s sake this is a public health matter.”

Pharmacist Greg Scarlett told Leon:

“We’ve already had people ringing my pharmacy and other pharmacies chasing the vaccine and really that’s what people need to do now -- if they need it and they get a script -- is hit the phones, try a number of pharmacies.

“There may be some that have some stock, I’m not personally aware of it, but you might be lucky. I really don’t have any other suggestions for people as to where they might source the measles vaccine.

“Measles can kill. It’s a serious disease in children and in adults. Some of the complications with measles can be fatal. It’s a really important vaccine to get if you’re somebody who needs it.”