There Is A Call To STOP The Adelaide City Scooter Trial

Feb 27, 2019


Adelaide’s e-scooter trial should be stopped because the company running the pilot program “can’t demonstrate that they’re safe,” says SA Best MLC Frank Pangallo.

This week an Adelaide woman launched legal action after claiming the scooter she was riding malfunctioned.

Mr Pangallo told FIVEaa’s Leon Byner on Wednesday:

“Quite clearly there are problems with Lime scooters and it’s been shown that the same problem that erupted here yesterday… these same incidents have been reported in New Zealand over the last few days and it’s resulted in these e-scooters being taken off the streets there.

“They’ve also happened in the United States. They’ve happen in Switzerland. There’s quite clearly a problem.

“They said they were going to fix the problem in New Zealand -- it didn’t happen. There was a problem in Brisbane a couple of days ago where two boys were also hurt… we had an incident here in Adelaide.

“They can’t demonstrate that they’re safe.”

But Lime’s Mitchell Price disagrees, telling Leon “the scooters are safe.”

“Obviously one incident is one too many,” he said. “We’ve had 21,000 rides in Adelaide with 10,000 users. Does Frank want to ban all forms of transport?”

“To Frank’s point that these aren’t safe: Frank, we have rolled out a numerous updates, we have done an update last week… every single scooter in Adelaide is being physically brake checked, quality assurance checked, taken back to the warehouse…

“The idea of this trial is that we can learn about how we can move forward.

“The scooters are safe.”