The Plan To Start Charging For The Footy Express Has Been Slammed

Nov 9, 2018


Charging fans for public transport to and from Adelaide Oval could push the footy beyond the reach of average South Aussies, says Labor opposition Peter Malinauskas.

This week the government announced it would wind down its funding of free footy busses, trains and trams after next season.

“We desperately believe that going to the footy shouldn’t just be for those people who are on high incomes,” Mr Malinauskas told FIVEaa on Friday. “We want to make sure that going to the footy is an experience that every South Australian can enjoy, which means putting downward pressure on costs.”

“I think the government should continue on with the policy position that we’ve had in South Australia ever since Adelaide Oval was redeveloped -- that is, providing the free provision of public transport for all patrons going to and from the footy.”

Mr Malinauskas said ditching the footy express wouldn’t “just make it more expensive for families it also means will have a more congested public transport environment”.

“Some people will be forced to try and start using their car, which means the roads will become congested and car parking will become a problem too.”