The Number Of High-Paid Transport Executives Is Doubling, While Services Are Slashed

Jan 25, 2019


The Department of Transport and Infrastructure is doubling its number of high-paid executives at the same time as it is cutting bus services around Adelaide.

According to shadow minister Tom Koutsantonis, the high-powered staffers will each earn “over $200,000”.

“I don’t know why Stephan Knoll is doubling the size of his department in terms of executive numbers while making these dramatic cuts to public transport,” Mr Koutsantonis told FIVEaa’s Leon Byner on Friday.

“They could be for all I know essential, but the question then comes if you’ve got public transport routes that are an essential services to the public of South Australia, why is it ok to cut them…?

“When the government says no one is on these buses, a lot of South Australians were signing petitions saying my service is always full, I can’t get a seat, why are they cutting?

“I think a lot of South Australians realise all this is an attempt to try and save money and punish a sector of people that the government thinks don’t vote for them.”