Simple Drive Thru Mistake Could Cost You $600

Aug 6, 2019


A local lawyer is warning customers risk buying a “$600 burger” if they are caught and fined for using their phones to pay while driving through a fast food outlet.

Michael Woods has told FIVEaa’s Leon Byner restaurant car parks are “not private property”:

“Most car parks are a place to which the public have access to and are considered roads… quite clearly they’re not private. That’s the first fundamental problem…

“Unfortunately the law doesn’t always catch up with technology. If you use your mobile phone while either your vehicle is moving or is stationery but not parked you commit that offence.

“In reality if you’re driving in a McDonald’s or any other fast food outlet, you’re vehicle as you’re driving in that little line is a road, and if you use your phone whether it’s to hand it to the person over the counter to pay, or whether it’s you holding it against a screen you are committing an offence and you’re likely to end up with a $600 burger.”