REVEALED: The Crimes That Are Going Up In South Australia

Jun 20, 2019


South Australia has experienced a spike in a range of different crimes, reveals SA Police.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Dickson told FIVEaa’s Leon Byner on Thursday:

“What we’ve noticed is over the last 12 months we have had increases in what we’re calling our theft offences

“Illegal use offences -- they’re the offences of theft of motor vehicles. They’re up... from April data... they’re up by around the 11 per cent mark.

Theft from motor vehicles -- people stealing from cars -- is also up as well by about eight per cent.

[Petrol station drive offs] are a concern to us. From a statewide perspective get between 150 and 200 drive offs per week, which is a significant number… our apprehension rate is around 13 per cent of people who commit those offences…”

Retail theft: “There’s a whole raft of differing reasons why there’s been an increase in shop theft. One has been we have had organised groups, that’s one. Also because of the use of CCTV we also have a greater understating from the shop itself as to theft of products… that’s a change in practice that’s created this. Our apprehension rates are slightly higher than they were previously, which is a good thing because of the technology of the CCTV…”