SA Was Pushed To “The Brink” Of Statewide BLACKOUT 11 Times Last Year

Aug 28, 2018


The state’s power network was run improperly almost a dozen times last year, putting the state in danger of another state blackout, confirms Leon Byner.

“I got a text last night from an industry insider in the power industry and I thought to myself, surely not,” Leon told FIVEaa listeners on Tuesday morning.

“I rang my next guest and indeed he could confirmed what this other person told me. Let me read this to you:

‘Did you know that the Australian Energy Market Operator ran the system at the brink of widespread blackout -- that is exactly the same as what we had September before last -- 11 times last year.

‘They should’ve controlled this risk by offloading customers until problem was solved but they didn’t. The regulator should have prosecuted for this breach of the rules but the regulator Paula Conboy did nothing about it.’

Energy analyst Danny Price told Leon the multiple breaches were a result of the “toxic politics” surrounding energy policy and “offloading customers” when required.

“There’s a rule that’s been breached once a month on average last year,” Price said.

“There’s a reason why we have that rule, it says you can’t operate the system for more than 30 minutes and that’s an absolute rule…

“The reason why we have the rule is there are circumstances where the system will get out of control.

“But I don’t think the marker operator should be responding to those politics, that’s why we have rules.

“They should be sticking to the rule and the Australian energy regulator should be administering the rules -- that’s why they’re there.

“If they’re not doing there job they should resign and let someone else do the job properly.”