Professor David And Health Minister Debate On Air Over The Future Of Craniofacial Unit

Jul 6, 2018


Professor David David and Health Minister Stephen Wade appear at loggerheads over the status of an oral surgeon Professor David believes is the “key” to the ongoing success of the Craniofacial Unit he founded.


Professor David says he has “come out fighting” following the “outrageous” decision not to appoint “the essential young man who’s a key to the whole thing”.

“I’m not happy with the business about the non appointment of this young man,” Professor David told FIVEaa on Friday.

“You can have all the processes in the world… but it was that some people determined that he wasn’t going to get the job.

“He’s been working there since 2011 -- seven years. He’s an outstanding member. There is no one else of his capacity… it virtually costs nothing to have him so why do you change it?”

Health Minister Stephen Wade said the decision was a “recruitment and selection process, which was done on a merit basis”.

“A person was appointed to the role and there are due processes,” he said. “The selection processes are there for a purpose.”

“My understanding is he’s not there fulltime -- my understanding is less than half a day a week. The contribution he makes to the team was assessed as part of a merit based process.

“We’ve sought further advice on that and I’m happy to receive further advice from Professor David or the gentleman involved.”

Minister Wade also confirmed the unit would continue to treat patients from overseas, which had been in question.

“The state government is completely committed to providing craniofacial treatment for overseas humanitarian cases,” he said.

“Only yesterday the government gazette reaffirmed the fact that treatment for overseas patients will be completely free… 

“Professor David raised concerns and we’ll continue to work with him to ensure the unit is the best it can be.”