Premier Responds To Reports South Aussies Are Skipping Meals To Pay Bills

Oct 16, 2017


Premier Jay Weatherill says revelations more than 100,000 South Australians are seeking food donations every month is proof “we’ve got a broken national electricity market”.

“It’s the final piece of evidence, if we ever needed it,” Mr Weatherill told FIVEaa on Monday.

“At a national level there’s been this toing and froing over how we deal with energy policy -- it’s now obvious to everyone that it’s broken and that’s why South Australia has put its own energy plan in place.

“The biggest driver of price rises in the market at the moment is the power of just a few retailers and a few generators that are left in the system.

“You don’t need to be a genius to work out if you you’ve got a few people who are generating the power and you’ve got a fixed level of demand they’re going to screw you on price -- and that’s what they’ve done.”