PM Scott Morrison’s WARNING To Social Media Companies After NZ Live Stream

Mar 19, 2019


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told FIVEaa’s Leon Byner he is looking at “legal remedies” after a gunman live streamed last week’s Christchurch terrorist attack on social media.

“We’re looking specifically at the legal remedies that we have available for us here in Australia,” Mr Morrison told FIVEaa on Tuesday.

Asked whether Australia would take its own action, the PM said “I intend to”, but restated his intention to take the matter up with other G20 countries.

“We need to act in concert with other large economies because that’s when the social media companies, I think, will be really forced to take action.

“We’ll get it right, we’ll work carefully and I want to work with the companies themselves. They have the technological capability. The question is do they have the will…

“People use live streaming all the time, they do it when they’re having birthday celebrations… that’s all peaceful and that’s a happy purpose for this technology… but as we know it’s weaponised by terrorists to push out and incite others to commit the most horrendous of acts.

“If you’re going to build these products for people to use you’ve also got to make them safe for the public. It’s no different to making a toy safe for a child, and if it’s not safe then you take it off the shelves. I really do think there’s a parallel here.

“If you can write an algorithm to ensure that when you look on your mobile phone you can get an ad on whatever you’ve been surfing the net on… then of course they have the capability to write algorithms to immediately identify content of this nature and to be able to screen it out.”