“Absolute Nonsense” -- ON AIR Barney Over Adelaide E-Scooter Trial

Feb 15, 2019


Harold Scruby from the Pedestrian Council has clashed with Mitchell Price from Lime after the company received the green light to run an e-scooter trial in the Adelaide CBD.

“These people never tell you how many crashes there, are how many serious injuries,” Mr Scruby told FIVEaa’s Leon Byner on Friday. “I’m advised that in Queensland in two months they’ve had nearly 300 hospital admissions, as they had in Auckland and Christchurch.”

“It’s one thing to say these things are wonderful -- you wait until you’re an old person or to watch a child have to walk along a footpath like in Queensland and have them scoot past you from behind...

“Ask lime why in Santa Monica and Venice Beach they’re banned on all footpaths. Why are they banned over there but not here? Why is it they’re not telling us the truth about the road trauma they’re creating?”

Mr Price said in response:

“500,000 trips in Brisbane with a small number of injuries. It’s a tried and tested mode of transport that’s getting people around… I don’t want them on the footpath but unfortunately the cities we’re working with are saying let’s have them on the footpath.”

MR SCRUBY: “That’s absolute nonsense. They know full well dedicated cycle path infrastructure would cost billions.”