Local SA Department Caught Up In Bribery Allegations

Apr 8, 2019


A local stationery business was encouraged to make a donation to a charity as part of a tender process with the education department, reports FIVEaa’s Leon Byner.

Leon revealed on Monday:

“Today I can report that the entire tendering process is under a dark cloud. Evidence from United Choice -- a stationery supplier -- was given to the Statutory Authority’s Review Committee enquiring into procurement.

“It’s claimed by United Choice that there were requests to them for an inducement or donation to the Dame Roma Mitchell Foundation in return for favourable treatment with the education department. The witness told the committee he saw this as an inducement or a bribe.”

Leon said these were “explosive claims”.

“This needs investigation because if true our tendering process is suspicious and totally undermined. We need to know is this a one off? Are other departments asking for gratuities?”

The review committee’s Terry Stephens said the claims were “bizarre and quite staggering”.

“We’re spending taxpayers dollars," Mr Stephens said. "We expect taxpayers dollars to support South Australian business wherever possible… but we expect value for money."

“What we don’t expect is for government bureaucrats to ask for the best possible price and they say but what else are you prepared to give as well? … To say it’s interesting would be an understatement.”