Leon Byner Grills Minister Over Delayed Report Following 3 Motorbike Deaths In 8 Days

Jan 22, 2019


Following a spate of motorcycle deaths on SA roads FIVEaa’s Leon Byner has questioned Police Minister Corey Wingard about a report that was published one year ago but whose recommendations are yet to be adopted.

“There was a wide-ranging enquiry -- 24 deaths of riders in 2017 -- there was a report conducted and authored by Matthew Baldock,” Leon said on Tuesday. “The findings of this study were published a year ago. None of the recommendations have been adopted and you do wonder why. What is the delay? I’m trying to figure out what would be more important than acting on something like this.”

Minister Corey Wingard said:

“A lot has been done in that time. The department actually has been doing a lot of consultation and speaking with people and going through the recommendations. They put recommendations to me late last year. They were discussed. There more work was needed to be done though, we weren’t happy with everything that was put forward, so we are doing that work.

“It’s a very thorough process and one that we need to do in a timely manner but we also need to make sure we get it right. That work’s being done and we’re not going to rush it…”

Mr Wingard shrugged off claims made earlier on FIVEaa breakfast by Neville Grey that a motorcycle reference group had been unable to secure a meeting with the minister.

“I apologise Nev feels that way,” Mr Wingard said. “I haven’t had correspondence with Nev. I’ve been speaking with a number of other groups in this area. My door’s always open to Nev -- very happy to have a chat to anyone in that area.

“We want to get the recommendations right. We don’t want any unintended consequences.”