Leon Byner Asks Jay Weatherill About A Big Rumour Doing The Rounds

Mar 14, 2018


Premier Jay Weatherill says if Labor loses the state election he’s no chance of going after the federal seat of Adelaide, which will be left vacant by outgoing member Kate Ellis.

“No, I couldn’t think of anything worse than going into federal politics,” Mr Weatherill told Leon Byner on Wednesday. “I can absolutely and 100 per cent rule all that out.”

“I’m just focussing on winning and that means putting jobs as our number one priority and making sure that people hear that message. I’m not focussed on my job -- I’m focussed on everybody else’s job.

“I’m too busy to be thinking about what happens on the 18th of March.

“If I win my seat obviously I’ll be a member of parliament for the next four years but beyond that I haven’t given it any thought.”