Government BLASTED Over Tram Plan That Was “Never Going To Happen”

Nov 19, 2018


Senior Channel 7 reporter Mike Smithson has unleashed on the Marshall government over its right turn tram plan that he says was “never going to happen”.

Nine days before election day back in March Steven Marshall announced a Liberal government would install right turns from North Terrace onto King William Street.

“It was quite clear at that point they were struggling for an infrastructure election pledge,” Smitho told FIVEaa’s Leon Byner on Monday. “They needed a big, bold project to grab the public’s attention to win power.”

“I’m putting to you that this was largely done for political reasons, that it was a good idea because ‘we don’t have a lot of good ideas in the bag at this stage and this needs to be one’.

“The $37 million that was put forward as the cost then was the most unreliable, flimsy figure done by a parliamentary team that looks into rough costings. It was the roughest of rough costings, so you would say don’t rely on that figure.

“It was even said to them that it could be a lot more than this.

“I’m flabbergasted. I don’t often get angry at the politics of a situation but this was one where we’ve wasted time, money and effort on something that was never going to happen.”