Education Union Responds To Rescheduled Christmas Concert Outrage

Oct 31, 2019


The Australian Education Union has told parents to “take their time off work” after an Adelaide primary school rescheduled its usual twilight end-of-year Christmas concert to the middle of the day.

Treasurer Rob Lucas labelled the decision at Trinity Gardens Primary School “outrageous” and “mean-spirited”.

On Thursday an education union spokesman told FIVEaa’s Leon Byner:

“It’s a by-product of the fact the Education Department over a number of years has refused to recognise the huge after hours workload performed by teachers out of sheer good will.

“I understand the parents’ concerns about having sessions like end of year celebrations held during the school day. Those three hours might seem like a one off… but it’s a cumulative effect when teachers are constantly using their goodwill after hours right through the year and every week and every day.

“If parents are keen to see their children to be involved in those performances then they take their time off work like they’re asking teachers to do. If seeing children perform is a priority then parents will make a commitment to go and see their children perform.”