CFS To Investigate Why Some Residents Didn’t Receive Bushfire Text Warning

Mar 9, 2018


Emergency Services Minister Chris Picton says the CFS will follow up with any of the residents who failed to receive a text message warning about a fire threatening homes in Paracombe on Thursday night.

Mr Picton told Leon Byner there were a “variety of different reasons” messages may not have been received, including black spots, smoke and tower connections.

“If there are particular people who haven’t received it the CFS is happy to follow up,” he told FIVEaa. “They look into every incident after it’s occurred to see if there’s anything we can learn. It’s a national system so it’s exactly identical in every state.”

“We always implore everybody to use multiple sources of information because there’s never one source of information that’s 100 per cent reliable.

“I’m advised by the CFS this morning that the vast majority of people in the area received a text message.”